9 Signs Of An Unhealthy Heart

4. Fatigue

Women don’t experience the same signals of an unhealthy heart that men do.

Women typically report extreme, sudden fatigue before having a heart attack.

This fatigue can show up a few days leading up to a heart event, so getting it checked out immediately can mean life or death.

5. Swollen Feet And Legs

If your shoes get tight later in the day, with an excess fluid gathering in your legs and feet, you could be experiencing fluid retention.

This is called edema, and it indicates coronary artery disease (CAD), in which the arteries that supply blood to your heart tissue are blocked.

This can indicate other kinds of cardiovascular disease, even heart failure.

6. Swollen, Bleeding, Sore Gums

There is a connection between gum health and cardiovascular health.

Periodontal disease could indicate that you may have underlying heart disease in your veins and arteries.